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If you are looking for a high-quality web solution, you have come to the right place.
Webista provides tailored solutions, ranging from personalized online presence
to complex web-based business apps.


No matter if you are a small start-up or a big international company, you can always benefit from a cool website or a custom developed software solution that can make your work easier and your business more successful.
Webista offers various services that can help you achieve this, here are some of them.

Web development

Coding! This is what Webista is all about. No matter if front-end or back-end development, Webista ensures that you get high quality and high reliability applications that suit all your requirements.

Web design

Modern web development and it's visuals are defined by quality web design. With cutting edge techniques, Webista makes your website look beautiful on every device: desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.


Fast web applications provide better browsing experiences. Improving your site using various performance optimization methods results with more visits and increases your online presence.


There are many search engines today that allow your website to be found on the internet. Webista can optimize and restructure your web site to rank higher in popular search engine's results.

Hosting services

If required, Webista provides your cool new website with a great hosting environment. The resources of the hosting can also be adjusted according to all your application's needs.


With a wide range of expertise and practical know-how in web development, Webista can provide professional advice for all problems regarding potential web projects.


Here you can find information about completed projects.
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The document contains base information and descriptions about the projects. For more details about any of the projects, feel free to send an inquiry via email, or just use the contact form.


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